Method 1: PlayFullbet free betting!

Playfullbet is a free betting platform where you have points and you can bet on , football, basketball, e-sports...

You can exchange this points for a minecraft premium!

No money needed. There is referal system, you can earn points!

Method 2: Public Accounts.

People that stop playing Minecraft, share the accounts with the community.

You can search on google "Public Minecraft Accounts" and you'll see people that share a list with data of the accounts.

This account is public, you can't change the username, but you can join on private servers and official.

Method 3: Buying to Mojang.

With this method you're supporting Mojang, you can buy an account on their website.

We are NOT associated with Mojang, Microsoft or and we are not representing them.
To buy minecraft on the offical website CLICK HERE.